What is it that fuels you? For me, it’s EIM.  Read on and enjoy!



Adrian has been an illustrator for nearly two decades; specializing in comic book art, storyboards and concept design. He accomplishes his trade with traditional weapons of choice including pencil, ink and airbrush. However, lest he be accused of being a Luddite, Adrian is also well versed in digital coloring.



As founder and Chief Creative Director of Every Imagination Matters, Nathan Dreggors, perseverance abounds over all life has beset against him. Though being born with several genetic illnesses, he pressed forward to build EIM Creative Studios, and EIM Creates.This was achieved through tenacious commitment to seeing, his dreams, and the dreams of others become reality! Being a Artist, Graphic Designer, Audio Engineer, and working through several fields of multimedia, branding, and marketing, gave Nathan Dreggors the insight needed to form Every Imagination Matters. Now he, as a Creative Director, works with the best talents in their creative fields, to bring your brands visions to life. His passion is to help your Passions Prevail!



Inspired by great artist like Joe Madureira and the creator of Betty Boop, Max Fleischer. Daniel Furlow diversely blends the psyched styles of New York, Japan, and California street art. An East meets West Swag fusion is his Style.

His love of chromatic visuals and old television  glow. Adds a unique feel to his already Genus level creative mind. .



Joseph Cox III began his Hip Hop journey as a graffiti artist and a b-boy and was introduced to battle rap over beats in 1989. As Hectic da backpacka, He made a name for himself as a formidable battle rapper. Hectic was consistent with hosting Hip Hop festivals, events, and parties as well as performing, doing Emcee Training Sessions, rap battles, mixtapes, production, engineering, ghostwriting, and videography for over a decade. He is now the C.E.O. of JC3 LLC, creator of Hec Vision TV, Hec Reviews, and Chief of Media Production for EIM Creates.